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Small Boats & Tenders

Clean efficient boating

The Ideal Choice for Marine Propulsion

For small boats and tenders, the need for a reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly engine is paramount. ePropulsion is proud to offer electric outboard engines that are perfectly suited for these smaller vessels.

Our Spirit and Navy series engines bring together state-of-the-art technology and user-friendly design, making them the ultimate choice for those looking to make a positive change.

Small boats and tenders often operate in ecologically sensitive areas, such as estuaries, rivers, and coastal zones. Our electric outboard engines offer a clean, quiet and efficient solution that ensures minimal disturbance to both wildlife and the environment.

Key Advantages

  • Eco-Friendly:
    Zero emissions and far less noise pollution compared to petrol outboards.
  • Efficient:
    Lithium batteries offer greater power and range than an equivalent tank of fuel.
  • Quiet Operation:
    Enjoy peaceful boating without the noise and fumes of a petrol engine.
  • Low Maintenance:
    With fewer moving parts than conventional engines, maintenance is significantly reduced.

Unsure Which Motor Suits Your Boat? Let Us Help!

Choosing the right electric motor is crucial but can be confusing. Submit your boat details through our Motor Consultation Form, and we'll get back to you with a tailored recommendation. Take the first step towards efficient and environmentally friendly boating today.