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Redefining the Electric Inboard Experience
Popular with sailboats and small watercrafts

H-Series Inboard Motors 60-250kW

Highly-integrated Modular Design OEM Capability

The H-Series is our 60-250 kW inboard range, engineered for larger sailing boats and motor vessels between 60 and 100’ (18-30m) with a full displacement up to 200 tons. They can deliver high performance with less noise, fewer vibrations and zero exhaust fumes.

H-100 Electric Motor 100kW

The H-100 is approximately two-thirds lighter and 50% more compact than its diesel equivalent, offering enhanced installation versatility and optimising both payload and passenger space. Its flat wire motor design improves slot fill by 25%, thereby boosting power density.

Modular Design

The H-Series motors features a modular design, providing manufacturers with the flexibility to easily extend both range and power by adding additional motors, controllers, and batteries. This adaptability allows for various power combinations to be selected based on specific needs, making the motors highly expandable.

Boating IoT System: Smart and Customisable

Our boating Internet of Things (IoT) system offers customisable solutions tailored to your needs for remote monitoring and integrated management. Features such as speed, power, tracking, mileage, and safety alerts can be adapted to meet your specific requirements. Boat owners can utilise the web portal for real-time tracking and comprehensive management of their vessels.

Optimum Performance, Pioneering Technology

Armed with pioneering permanent magnet motor technology, the H-100 sets a new standard, outperforming its diesel equivalents. With a maximum torque of 2000 Nm and an impressive 96% efficiency, it surpasses the capabilities of traditional 100 kW AC asynchronous motors.

Safety and Reliability

  • IP67 Waterproofing
  • Anti-Corrosion Measures
  • High-Accuracy Position Feedback
  • High Torque Density
  • Closed-Loop Cooling System

H-100 Motor



540 VDC


Battery Distribution Unit


12v Logic Power Supply

Battery Bank

540 VDC

HMI Controls

Display and Throttle


Logic Power Supply Range9~16 V
Rated Input Voltage540 VDC
Input Voltage Range400 ~ 720 VDC
Rated Power160 kVA
Rated Output Current270 A
Maximum Efficiency98%
IP RatingIP67

Smart and user-friendly control system

The Human-Machine Interface (HMI) system, combined with the Smart Throttle and 5-inch Smart Display, offers an exceptional user experience for both control and monitoring.


Custom-Built to Your Specifications

H-Series batteries can be customised to meet your specific needs, with power requirements calculated based on your desired range. For instance, a 100 kW electric inboard motor running at full power for five hours would necessitate a 500 kWh battery, which can be developed according to your specifications.

System Rated Output Voltage 540 VDC
System Output Voltage Range 487 ~ 604 VDC
Battery Capacity * /
Total System Energy * /
Discharge Temperature -30℃ ~ 60℃
25℃ Cycle Life (80% DOD) >3500 times
25℃ Storage Life >8 years
Charging Temperature  0℃ ~ 60℃

*Battery capacity and total system energy can be customized to fit customers’ needs.

Competitive pricing

Unit price is as low as £0.50 per watt-hour.

High energy density

70% less weight and space than standard lead-acid batteries.

Longer life cycles

Boasting an impressive 3,500 cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge (DOD).

Made for ePropulsion Motors

The batteries share data with our motors, optimising performance and efficiency.


Rated Voltage540 VDC
Rated Power100 kW
Rated Torque797 Nm
Rated Speed1150 rpm
Rated Efficiency96%
IP RatingIP67
Insulation LevelH
Cooling MethodsWater Cooling
Operating Temperature-25℃ ~ +55℃
Dimensions443 x 315 mm (17.4 x 12.4 in)

Where to buy?

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