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Navy Series

Your premium electric boating experience
Efficient long-range outboard motors

Navy Evo 3-6kW 6-9.9HP**
Electric Outboards

HydrogenerationLow Maintenance Direct-Drive

The Navy series delivers efficient and reliable electric propulsion, ranging from 3 to 6kW (6 - 9.9HP equivalent**). With a direct-drive system, they offer low maintenance and a quiet ride. Featuring Hydrogeneration technology, these motors can recharge batteries while sailing. Ideal for those seeking both eco-friendliness and performance on the water.

Navy 3.0 Evo electric motor
Navy 3.0 Evo
3kW / 6HP**
Navy 6.0 Evo electric motor
Navy 6.0 Evo
6kW / 9.9HP**

Electric outboards for larger boats

Powered by a choice of separate rechargeable batteries, you’ll have clean, quiet, and environmentally friendly propulsion.

Designed for convenience, the lightweight and compact motors are effortless to lift, transport, and stow, whether ashore or onboard.

These waterproof batteries are not only far lighter and more compact than traditional fuel tanks, but they also eliminate the need for engine noise, oily bilges, and unpleasant fumes onboard.

Thanks to the efficient direct-drive system, the motors have fewer moving parts, eliminating the need for ongoing maintenance or servicing.

Highly versatile, these long-range electric outboards are interchangeable between various types of vessels, including:

  • Yacht tenders and dinghies
  • Aluminium fishing boats
  • SIBs (small inflatable boats)
  • RIBs (rigid inflatable boats)
  • Motor boats
  • Day sailers
  • Yachts up to 5 tons
River boats
Sailing Yachts

Digital Operation

Multiple choices for control and display in the Navy range of outboard motors.
  1. Digital Display
    Offers real-time monitoring of the power, remaining runtime, battery level, voltage, etc.
  2. Electric Start
    Press the button and you’re ready to go. Saves your trouble pulling the cord to start.
  3. Magnetic Kill Switch
    Works as an emergency stop key for ePropulsion electric outboards. Keeps you safe on the boat.
  4. Smooth Throttle Changing
    Designed with excellent throttle response and clear throttle hand feel.
  5. Adjustable Max Power Output
    Customize the max throttle power to make the motor kid-friendly or suitable for rental boats.
  6. Ambidextrous Operation
    Turning throttle easily either from the left-hand or right-hand side.
  1. Safety Wristband

    Easy-to-use and additional safety.

    • Man overboard protection
    • Wireless connection
    • Waterproof IP67
    • Max connection up to 8 wristbands per motor

    Safety wristband works with Evo Tiller and Evo top mount control only, not compatible with Evo side mount control or Evo dual control.

E-Series Lithium Battery

We highly recommend opting for ePropulsion's original 48V E-Series lithium iron phosphate battery to perfectly complement your Navy electric outboard motor.

Competitive pricing

Unit price is as low as £0.46 per watt-hour.

High energy density

70% less weight and space than standard lead-acid batteries.

Longer life cycles

Boasting an impressive 3,000 cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge (DOD).

Made for ePropulsion Motors

The batteries share data with our motors, optimising performance and efficiency.

Hydrogeneration Empowers Sailors

The Navy 3.0 / 6.0 Evo models come equipped with a hydrogeneration function, enabling you to harness electricity directly from both wind and water. As a leader in the field, ePropulsion continues to pioneer groundbreaking innovations in electric outboard motor technology.
  • The Navy 3.0 and 6.0 Evo outboard motors have the capability to charge ePropulsion batteries by utilising water flow to drive the propeller, provided certain conditions are met.
  • The hydrogeneration statistics are derived from actual tests conducted with the anti-ventilation plate installed.
  • The Navy 6.0 Evo has been rigorously tested using a 12.6" x 8.7" three-blade aluminium propeller, which is available for separate purchase.

Shaft Length Recommendation

The NAVY Series motors come in two shaft lengths, Short and Long.

Transom HeightShaft Length
40-50cm / 15.7-19.7 inchesShort
Higher than 50 cm / 19.7 inchesLong

* This shaft length chart is for your reference only. For full information on picking the correct motor, please see this page.

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The Navy Series electric outboard motors boast exceptional efficiency, enabling you to travel both faster and farther.

Navy 3.0 Evo
Power (Watts) Speed (mph/kph) Runtime (hh:mm) Range (mile/km)
300 3.7 / 6 13:20 49.3 / 79.3
550 4.7 / 7.5 7:25 35 / 56.3
1000 5.3 / 8.6 4:00 21.2 / 34.1
1500 6 / 9.7 2:40 16 / 25.7
2000 6.3 / 10.2 2:00 12.6 / 20.4
2500 8 / 12.8 1:35 12.7 / 20.5
3000 10.2 / 16.4 1:20 13.6 / 21.9
Navy 3.0 Evo
Power (Watts) Speed (mph/kph) Runtime (hh:mm) Range (mile/km)
500 4 / 6.5 18:00 72 / 116
1000 5 / 8 9:00 45 / 72
2000 6.7 / 10.8 4:30 30.2 / 48.6
3000 8 / 13 3:00 24 / 39
4000 11.5 / 18.5 2:15 25.9 / 41.7
5000 13.5 / 21.8 1:50 24.7 / 39.8
6000 15 / 24.3 1:30 22.5 / 36.5

* The performance data is based on a 12-foot aluminum boat with one person, powered by one Navy 3.0 Evo with one E80 battery and one Navy 6.0 Evo with one E175 battery, in calm lake water.


Navy 3.0 Evo Navy 6.0 Evo
Power 3 kW (6HP equivalent**) 6 kW (9.9HP equivalent**)
Input voltage 39V – 60V 39 V – 60 V
Recommended Battery ePropulsion E-Series Battery ePropulsion E-Series Battery
Motor Weight* 24.3 kg / 53.6 lbs 36 kg / 79.4 lbs
Propeller 10.2″ × 6.7″ 2-blade composite propeller 12.6″ × 10.8″ 3-blade composite propeller
13.4″ × 8.5″ 3-blade composite propeller
12.6″ × 8.7″ 3-blade aluminum propeller (optional)
Trim / Tilt Angle 0°, 5°, 10°, 15° / 60° 0°, 5°, 10°, 15° / 60°
Shaft Length Short, Long Short, Long
Control Evo Tiller
Evo Top Mount Control
Evo Side Mount Control
Evo Dual Remote Control
Evo Tiller
Evo Top Mount Control
Evo Side Mount Control
Evo Dual Remote Control
Hydrogeneration Yes Yes
Motor Brushless DC motor Brushless DC motor
Direct Drive Yes Yes

* The weight is measured with the short shaft version.
** Any reference to horsepower (HP) for electric motors is a theoretical equivalent based on thrust and performance characteristics, and not a direct measure of power. This comparison is intended for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect exact power equivalency.

Where to buy?

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