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Next Generation Electric Outboards

Popular with RIBs and small watercrafts

X-Series Outboard Motors 12-40kW

Highly-integrated Hydrogeneration Efficient & Powerful Intelligent Connected

Introducing the X-Series Motors, a leap forward in marine electric propulsion technology that sets new benchmarks for performance, efficiency, and sustainability. Engineered with precision and backed by groundbreaking research and development, the X-Series brings together unparalleled power output, advanced control systems, and innovative design features.

X40 Electric Outboard

The ePropulsion X40 is a zero-emission electric propulsion system with an industry-leading powertrain efficiency of 88.2%. With its sleek, fully-integrated design, the X40 comes equipped with an electric steering system, cutting-edge driving assistance features, and connectivity services. A modular framework not only eases the installation process but also facilitates effortless integration with renewable energy solutions.





ePropulsion X40 electric outboard

Compact & fully integrated design


With a design that takes up 60% less space than traditional combustion engines, our X-Series motors offer enhanced installation flexibility and free up valuable payload space.

Lighter weight

At 65% lighter than conventional combustion engines and 30% lighter than comparable electric inboards, our X-Series motors offer a significant weight advantage.


All X-Series models feature a built-in hydrogeneration function, allowing you to capture electricity whilst sailing.

Easy to install

Pre-connected internal wiring ensures an out-of-the-box experience, facilitating immediate use upon delivery.

Easy to maintain

Thanks to advanced technology and thoughtfully designed interfaces, our X-Series motors require considerably less maintenance than traditional combustion engines.

Easy to operate

The unified throttle and display panel offer a seamless, intuitive driving experience. Our smart system is designed to actively understand the user's operational intentions, making control effortless.
Space Saving
Advanced propeller design
40 kW Continuous Power
Integrated Power Steering
Integrated Power Tilt/Trim
ePropulsion's Smart System Architecture

eSSA: The Core of X-Series

Our eSSA technology ensures a hassle-free setup for your X-Series propulsion system, offering a streamlined and secure experience. The system's modular architecture allows for straightforward and safe connection of various components, while also supporting seamless integration with renewable energy sources to elevate the eco-friendliness of your boating journey.
A comprehensive range of accessories:
  • Smart Throttle
  • Digital Helm
  • Smart Display 5″
  • Smart Display 10″
  • Propellers
  • G102-100 Battery
  • MPPT
  • Solar Charger Controller
  • Battery Chargers
  • DC-DC Adapters
Our Smart Throttle and Smart Displays offer an unparalleled user experience in both control and monitoring. With three flexible mounting options, the Smart Throttle can be easily adapted to suit your boat's specific needs, ensuring an optimal fit every time.
  • Top or Side
  • Single or Dual
  • Port or Starboard
* More control methods are coming...

Seamlessly Connected through Boating IoT

Our ePropulsion Connectivity Service enhances communication between boat owners, fleet managers, and their vessels. This value-added service allows for secure and reliable data exchange, providing cloud-based connectivity without the need for extra hardware.
Remote Data Access
Monitor real-time metrics like location, speed, battery level, and remaining charging time at a glance.
Remote Monitoring
Receive instant notifications if your boat breaches geofences, exceeds speed limits, or undergoes unusual location changes.
Trip Tracking
Automatically log your boating trips, complete with route playback and detailed trip records.
Shared Accounts
Grant others shared access to real-time statuses, past activities, and comprehensive reports.
Guest Authorization
Enable guests to power up and operate the ePropulsion system, with configurable permission settings.
Report Generation
Automatically compile individual boat reports and fleet summaries to encapsulate all your boating activities.
ePropulsion IoT Connectivity Service

G-Series Lithium Battery

The G102-100 battery is a high performance Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery (LiFePO4) designed especially for the X-Series outboards.

Competitive pricing

Unit price is as low as £0.50 per watt-hour.

High energy density

70% less weight and space than standard lead-acid batteries.

Longer life cycles

Boasting an impressive 3,000 cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge (DOD).

Made for ePropulsion Motors

The batteries share data with our motors, optimising performance and efficiency.


X-40 X-20 X-12
L Shaft XL Shaft L Shaft XL Shaft S Shaft L Shaft
Weight 99kg 101.5kg 79kg 81kg 48kg 50kg
Shaft Length 508 mm (20") 635 mm (25") 508 mm (20") 635 mm (25") 381 mm (15”) 508 mm (20”)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 757 x 360 x 1233 mm 757 x 360 x 1360 mm 674 x 360 x 1229 mm 674 x 360 x 1356 mm 560 x 266 x 978 mm 560 x 266 x 1105 mm
Input power 40 kW 20 kW 12 kW
Nominal voltage 96 VDC 96 VDC 96 VDC
Cooling System Closed Loop Liquid Cooling Natural cooling Natural cooling
Rated rotational speed 1500 - 2100 rpm 1200 - 1800 rpm 1100 - 2000 rpm
Trim & Tilt Power Trim/Tilt Power Trim/Tilt Power Trim/Tilt
Trim/Tilt Angle -4° to 61° -4° to 61° -4° to 61°
Steering Integrated electric steering Integrated electric steering Integrated electric steering
Steering Angle ±45° ±45° ±45°
Propeller 15" x 10 3/4" (available in L&R rotation)
13 3/8" x 16 3/4" (available in L&R rotation)
15" x 10 3/4" (available in L&R rotation)
13 3/8" x 16 3/4" (available in L&R rotation)
11 13/16" x 10 5/8" (available in L&R rotation)
11 7/16" x 14 3/16" (available in L&R rotation)

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