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ePropulsion and SailGP

ePropulsion is thrilled to announce an official partnership with SailGP, pioneering actions and innovation to foster global adoption of renewable energy.

United by a mutual commitment to environmental sustainability, ePropulsion contributes electric outboard motors and affiliated solar charging systems for SailGP - an international sail racing league that envisions a future where energy is harnessed from nature.

Who Is SailGP

SailGP is a thrilling international sailing competition that features teams racing high-performance F50 foiling catamarans. Embracing the tagline 'Powered by Nature™', SailGP stands as the first-ever climate-positive sports and entertainment entity. Its primary objective is to expedite the transition towards clean energy use.

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Our Shared Mission for More Sustainability

In an ongoing collaboration, ePropulsion has been providing electric outboard motors for SailGP's event support vessels since Season 2. Both ePropulsion Spirit and Navy motors were chosen to propel the SailGP Inspire support boat, an embodiment of SailGP's community education and outreach efforts.

Throughout Season 2, ePropulsion aided SailGP in instituting a robust fleet monitoring program. This enduring collaboration led to a substantial 10% reduction in emissions from the support boat fleet per event, on average.

ePropulsion and SailGP remain committed to their joint mission, striving to bring transformative changes to the sports and entertainment industry with a swift shift towards cleaner energy solutions.

Shaping a Greener Future, Together

SailGP's groundbreaking autonomous race markers have been powered by ePropulsion's Navy 6.0 Evo. These race markers are entirely electric and GPS-operated, thus eliminating the need to anchor each marker to the sea floor and preventing potential harm to the local environment.

Tom Verity, the Transition Manager for On Water Operations, shared insights about the initiative. He said, "SailGP Technologies alongside ePropulsion and MarksetBot have been developing an autonomous race mark for use in the championship. These are fully electric-powered sustainable propulsion and they're also fully agile on the racecourse. So we GPS lock them, there's no need for anchoring, they are made out of sustainable materials. So a lot more sustainable overall in their operation."

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The ePropulsion outboard motors were very easy to use, reactive and with excellent handling. The charging made life easier and the fact that there is no sound or odours has a positive effect on the marine environment.
Tom Herbert-Evans, SailGP Youth Programme Manager