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Scottish Skipper Expo 2024

Embracing Innovation and Tradition at the Scottish Skipper Expo 2024

Aberdeen, Scotland — 9th to 10th May 2024

Stand Number: E23

The Scottish Skipper Expo 2024, scheduled for 9th and 10th May, is a highly anticipated event in Aberdeen, marking a significant occasion for professionals and enthusiasts in the fishing industry. This year's expo, the biggest to date, is set to offer an array of new opportunities for companies like ePropulsion to showcase their innovative products.

The Expo has evolved over the years to mirror the dynamic nature of the fishing industry. It's noteworthy that from 2024 onwards, the Expo will be held bi-annually. This strategic decision allows companies more time to develop new products and enhance their presence at the show. The shift to a Thursday and Friday schedule has been well-received, providing easier travel options for both exhibitors and visitors. The 2024 edition, due to its scale and the range of exhibitors, promises to be a landmark event, likely to sell out in the coming weeks.

ePropulsion, a pioneer in electric marine propulsion systems, will find a receptive audience at the Expo. The event attracts a wide range of attendees, from business owners and managing directors to engineers and sales executives, offering a perfect platform for networking and business development. It’s an opportunity for ePropulsion to connect with industry leaders and potential customers who are keen on sustainable and innovative marine solutions.

The Expo is renowned for showcasing a variety of products and services related to the fishing industry, from fishing accessories and equipment to boat building materials and fishing boats. With an estimated turnout of 20,000 to 50,000 visitors and around 230 exhibitors, ePropulsion will be in the company of numerous industry experts and fellow innovators.

The event will take place at P&J Live, a state-of-the-art venue in Aberdeen, offering a conducive environment for exhibitors and visitors alike. Accommodations with special rates are available near the venue, ensuring a comfortable stay for attendees.

As ePropulsion prepares to exhibit at the Scottish Skipper Expo, the focus will be on demonstrating how its products align with the needs of the modern fishing industry, which is increasingly leaning towards sustainable and efficient practices. The Expo provides a unique opportunity to showcase the latest advancements in electric marine propulsion and to network with key players in the industry.

This Expo is more than just a trade show; it's a reflection of the evolving landscape of the fishing industry, where tradition meets innovation. For ePropulsion, it's an unmissable opportunity to be part of this transformative journey.