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Dorset Boat Show by boatpoint

Dorset Boat Show by BoatPoint

Portland, United Kingdom — 12th to 14th April 2024

The Dorset Boat Show, hosted by boatpoint, is an exciting event set to take place from 12th to 14th April 2024 at the picturesque Portland Marina, Portland, Dorset. This on-the-water showcase is an excellent opportunity for nautical enthusiasts to explore a wide range of both new and used boats.

A highlight of the show will be the official UK launch of the Quarken 35 Cabin. Building on the success of the Quarken 27, this vessel combines luxury and performance, epitomizing the Nordic approach to powerboats. Visitors can expect to see this and other boats, including models from brands like Jeanneau and Ryds, showcasing the latest in boating technology and design.

For those interested in selling their boats, boatpoint offers a unique opportunity. Boats registered for sale with boatpoint for the show will benefit from complimentary berthing for the week before and after the event, a discount on post-show lift-out, free storage ashore at Portland Marina during April and May, and access to exclusive pre-show packages.

In addition to boat sales, boatpoint provides various services like repairs, maintenance, berthing options, and marine equipment. Their team offers personal service and supports integration with boatfolk and boatcare, ensuring a smooth experience for both buyers and sellers.

BoatFolk, a dealer for ePropulsion, will be present at the show, displaying some of ePropulsion's latest models. This will be a great chance for visitors to explore ePropulsion's innovative electric outboard motors, which are known for their eco-friendliness and efficiency.

Overall, the Dorset Boat Show promises to be a remarkable event for boat enthusiasts and prospective buyers, offering a chance to discover new models, find great deals on used boats, and experience the latest innovations in boating technology.