Spirit 1.0 Plus

Portable electric outboard

Portable Electric Outboard Motor Spirit 1.0 Plus

The Spirit 1.0 Plus is the industry leading portable electric outboard motor.

Leading the way in performance rechargeable outboard motors, it is a highly reliable and affordable step to greener boating.

Why is an electric outboard better?

  • 1kW offers equivalent power to a 3hp engine
  • clean, quiet, less harm to nature & the oceans
  • extensive motoring range & capacity
  • up to 5 hours / 22 miles in 3m tender
  • maintenance free – no fuel or oil on board

This lightweight, highly portable outboard motor can be recharged using 12 volt output or solar power. It has an unsinkable battery that is recyclable.

Reliable, flexible boating

Like all the innovative ePropulsion motors the Spirit 1.0 Plus is built to last. The motor passed a continuous 83 day run test, with flying colours.

It’s easy to carry and store on board, by separating the battery from the shaft, making it perfect for:

    • yacht tenders
    • SIBs (small inflatable RIBs)
    • day sailing boats & dinghies
    • small motor boats and day boats
    • fishing boats

Full warranty

Two years warranty for the motor and battery for non-commercial use.


Official suppliers to Sail GP and Sail GP Inspire.

ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus at Sail GP Plymouth

Portable electric outboard efficiency

The 1276Wh battery means 75 minutes run time at full throttle compared to 45 minutes for an average 3.5hp petrol outboard at full power.

The highly efficient battery means more reliable boating and efficient boating. The direct drive motor has more torque, making it more efficient than a combustion engine, and it conserves overall use of power. With few moving parts, no fuel, oil or grease required you’ll save money too as there’s no maintenance, winterising or servicing required.

Kinder to the environment

  • no risk of fuel leaks into lakes, rivers or oceans
  • no exhaust fumes or pollution
  • no fuel reduces any fire risk on board
  • clean and easy to store on board or in your car
  • silent – less disruptive to wildlife and fish

When not in use, the recyclable ePropulsion 1276Wh battery will discharge itself and ‘hibernate’, so there’s no need for manual discharging.

Electric outboard comparison with traditional outboard engine

Power & Range

Trolling speed runtime
Half speed runtime
Full throttle

Energy stored
Energy efficiency
Power at propeller

Spec comparison

Drive mode
Cooling system
Runtime display

Epropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus

13 Hours
5 Hours
75 minutes

1.27 kwh

Electric outboard features

Direct drive – more torque
Maintenance free
Natural cooling

Average 3.5hp petrol outboard

5 Hours
2.5 Hours
42 minutes

9.7 kwh

Traditional outboard features

Every 50 hours
Seawater cooling
Pull start

Anthony Jones compares the Spirit 1.0 Plus

Key features of the Spirit 1.0 Plus

1. Power connector
A robust connector made of high quality stainless steel

2. Safety latch
Locks the battery securely in place

3. Foldable tiller
Easy, compact stowage

4. Magnetic kill switch
Instantly stops the motor in emergencies

5. Highly efficient motor
Industry leading performance, reliability and silence

6. Three different shaft lengths
Giving you the perfect option for your boat

7. User-friendly battery handle
Easily carry the battery with little effort.

Technical Specifications – ePropulsion portable electric Spirit 1.0 Plus


Input Power: 1kW
Motor Weight: 10.6kg
Control: Tiller and Remote
Shaft Length:
  Extra Short (for small tenders) 525mm
  Short 625mm
  Long 750mm

Battery specification

Battery capacity: 1276Wh
Battery life: 800 cycles at 80% DOD
Battery Weight: 8.7kg
Flotable, waterproof to IP67

Battery charging
Fast charger 3.5 hours
Standard charger 7 hours

Battery management system
Lithium-ion polymer battery
44.8 V nominal voltage
52.2 V final charging voltage
33 V cut-off voltage
Charging temperature 0°C – 45°C / 32˚F – 113˚F
Operating temperature-10°C – 60°C / 14˚F – 140˚F


Kill stop switch
IP67 ingress protection
Propeller collision emergency stop
Reinforced transom mounting
Low battery indicator
Over temperature protection


Foldable tiller design
Integrated display
Solar panel compatible, max 180 W
Protective beach mode          
Tiller or remote options


Step less forward/reverse
360° tiller steering, direction lockable
Direct drive
Rated RPM 1,200
316 N / 71 lbs static thrust
55% overall efficiency
Natural cooling
Field-oriented motor control
Trim angles including 0°, 7°, 14°, 21°
Tilt angle 70°
Propeller size – 28 × 14.7 cm / 11′ × 5.8′

ePropulsion electric outboard comparison with petrol outboard