Spirit 1.0 EVO electric outboard recharges under sail

Spirit 1.0 Evo electric outboard recharges under sail

The Spirit 1.0 Evo is the first ever electric outboard motor with regenerative charging built in. This pioneering innovation of hydrogenation means the outboard recharges under sail – adding to its all-round environmentally sustainable credentials.

The Spirit 1.0 Evo is ideal for:

  • cruising or racing sail boats
  • reduce any need for fuel tanks
  • less weight on board
  • removes chance of oily bilges
  • quick and clean to store onboard

Launched in 2021, the Spirit 1.0 EVO has a similar range and specification as the Spirit 1.0 Plus.

EPropulsion Electric outboard Spirit EVO
remote control electric outboard ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Evo

Power and range

The Spirit 1.0 Evo has the power to easily match a 3hp, 4 stroke petrol outboard. It can propel a 10ft tender and a day sailer or sports boat up to 1.5 tonnes.

  • Full throttle: 1.15 hrs of run time.
  • 4.5 mph:  continuous 5 hrs, up to 22 miles

Flexible remote controls

The Spirit 1.0 Evo Remote has the added option to:

  • remove the tiller
  • add an interchangeable wireless or wired remote control

This makes it a highly flexible electric outboard, for use across a variety of different boats.

The fold-down and removable tiller version is perfect for sailing boats and sportsboats such as a J70. The remote controls can be easily fitted to either a tender console or inside a motorboat cockpit.

Epropulsion Side Mount control Spirit 1.0 Evo
Side mount control
Epropulsion Top mount Control electric out oard
Top mount control
ePropulsion dual remote control
Dual remote control
ePropulsion Evo removable tiller
Removable tiller

Evo safety wristband and remote control

Also new is the easy-to-use, wearable safety wrist band. Fully waterproof, the wristband connects with the Evo Tiller or the Evo Top mount controls.

It allows you remote steering and operation, so that you can move freely around the boat. It’s a safety aid too. In a MOB situation (man overboard) you can simply cut the engine!

  • fully waterproof, rated IP67
  • connect up to 8 wrist bands per outboard motor
ePropulsion safety wrist band and remote control

Recharge your electric ouboard motor under sail

The Spirit 1.0 EVO can  recharge its own battery for even more sustainable sailing. Keeping the outboard fixed to the transom with the propellor in the water whilst sailing at 4 knots boat speed or above, the hydrogeneration system creates about 40w of power.

At 10 knots you achieve around 300 watts of recharging power which is stored in the batteries and can be used to supply other onboard electronic appliances. Above 10 knots the system goes into protection mode, staying at around 300 watts of power regeneration.

Easy operation

The Spirit 1.0 Evo is super easy to use, carry and store:

  • floating battery is easy to install and secure on the shaft
  • simply plug in the cable
  • press button to start – there’s no effort pulling starter cables
  • twist the handle to go forwards or backwards
  • tilt the engine up when not in use to reduce drag.
  • back light on display screen for easy night-time boating
ePropulsion engine J70 sportsboat

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