Spirit 1.0 Evo electric outboard motors – recharge under sail

The 48 volt Spirit 1.0 Evo and 1.0 Evo Remote is the first ever electric outboard motor the comes with integrated regenerative charging. Significantly, this innovative hydrogenation means the outboard can be recharged when you are under sail. As well as being totally clean it’s even more environmentally sustainable.

The Spirit 1.0 Evo is ideal for cruising or racing sail boats as well as tenders and day boats.

Make the switch to an electric outboard

It makes good sense:

  • no need for fuel tanks or costly fuel
  • no chance of oily bilges or risk of ocean pollution
  • quick & easy to assemble
  • light to carry in two parts
  • clean to store onboard or in your car – no fuel smells
  • it’s quiet – no need to shout to hear each other!

Launched in 2021, the Spirit 1.0 Evo has a similar range and specification as the Spirit 1.0 Plus.

electric outboard motors recharge battery under sail

Winner 2021 British Yachting Awards Innovation category

ePropulsion outboards are completely clean. See the Tank Test comparing petrol outboards with our electric motors. Switch to electric and save our oceans!

Spirit 1.0 Evo & Spirit 1.0 Evo Remote controlled electric outboard

Power and range

The Spirit 1.0 Evo has the power to easily match a 3hp, 4 stroke petrol outboard. It can propel a 10ft tender and a day sailer or sports boat up to 1.5 tonnes. Although it’s range will vary depending on wind, sea and & tide conditions, you can expect this level of performance:

  • full throttle: 1.15 hrs of run time.
  • 4.5 mph: continuous 5 hrs run time, up to 22 miles

Flexible remote controls

The Spirit 1.0 Evo Remote has the added option to:

  • remove the tiller
  • add an interchangeable wired or wireless controller and remote control

As a result, this makes it a highly flexible electric outboard, for use across a variety of different boats.

The fold-down and removable tiller is perfect for sailing boats and sportsboats such as a J70 or Melges 24. In addition, the remote controls can be easily fitted to either a tender console or inside a motorboat cockpit.

Yachting Monthly magazine – Best in class

Control systems for Spirit 1.0 Evo

Epropulsion Side Mount control Spirit 1.0 Evo
Side mount control
  • 3.2″ real time display
  • mounted easily in any cockpit
  • ideal for sailing & motor boats
  • sleek, low clutter
Epropulsion Top mount Control electric out oard
Top mount control
  • remote controller with forward/reverse speed
  • console mounted control
ePropulsion dual remote control
Dual remote control
  • console mounted
  • remote control
ePropulsion Evo removable tiller for electric outboard motors
Removable tiller
  • stepless forward & reverse speed and heading control
  • 105° rotatable grip for excellent manoeuvrability
  • LED screen read out – range, speed, time & energy consumption

Rechargable electric outboard motors when under sail

The Spirit 1.0 Evo can recharge its own battery for even more sustainable sailing.

Once you are sailing at 4 knots boat speed, with the outboard propeller in the water, the hydrogeneration system kicks in and creates about 40w of power.

The power regeneration increases as boat speed increases up to a level 10 knots.

At this speed you achieve around 330 watts of recharging power. At the same time as sailing, the additional energy is stored in the batteries for future motoring.

recharge ePropulsion electric outboards - hydro generation

 Above 10 knots the system goes into protection mode, staying at around 330 watts of power regeneration. This protects the batteries from any damage.

Easy operation

The Spirit 1.0 Evo is super easy to use, carry and store:

  • floating battery is easy to install and secure on the shaft
  • simply plug in the cable & attach the key fob
  • press button to start – there’s no effort pulling starter cables
  • twist the handle to go forwards or backwards
  • tilt the engine up when not in use to reduce drag.
  • back light on display screen for easy night-time boating

Five year free warranty

Register your new outboard for it’s full warranty cover.

See this review in Sailing World about the benefits of silent power.

ePropulsion electric outboard motors

Spirit 1.0 Evo electric outboard motors – Technical Specifications

The Spirit 1.0 Evo and remote models have similar performance characteristics to the Spirit 1.0 Plus.  With the addition of hydrogeneration recharging under sail, remote control options and removable tiller.

The chart below gives a quick comparison between each model of Spirit 1.0 electric motors.

Quick comparisonSpirit 1.0 Plus outboard Spirit 1.0 Evo with tillerSpirit 1.0 Evo + remote control
1 kWh
Equivalent power3 hp
Integrated battery capacity1276 Wh
Control systemIntegrated tillerEvo TillerEvo options:
Remote control wireless
Side mount
Dual mount remote control
Motor Weight
- Extra short
- Short
- Long
includes Evo Tiller
Includes remote kit
Shaft length:
- Extra short
- Short
- Long
Trim / tilt anglemanual, 0°, 7°, 14°, 21°
Propeller11″ × 5.8″ 2-blade composite propeller
Battery capacity1276 Wh
Battery weight8.7 kg
Battery life500 cycles at 80% DoD
Hydro generation rechargingN/AYesYes
Solar, mains & 12 v rechargingYes
Direct driveYes
Motor control methodField oriented control
Cooling - motor & control unitsNatural cooling
Max overall efficiency55%
Rated voltage45.6v
Input voltage39 V - 60 V
Rated RPM - propeller speed1200 rpm
Gear ratioN / A
Static thrust316 N / 71 lbs
3rd party battery compatibleYes

Evo safety wristband & remote control

The easy-to-use, wearable safety wrist band is fully waterproof. The wristband connects with the Evo Tiller or the Evo Top mount controls.

And, it allows you remote steering and operation, so that you can move freely around the boat. It’s a safety aid too. In a MOB situation (man overboard) you can simply cut the engine!

  • fully waterproof, rated IP67
  • connect up to 8 wrist bands per outboard motor
ePropulsion safety wrist band and remote control