Navy Battery


Navy Battery


High Energy Density

BMS Protection




Green and Lasting

This 46.8V lithium-ion battery specially designed for NAVY-series electric outboards, combines elegant appearance and high quality. NAVY battery adopts high quality 18650 cells  from well-recognized brand and protective battery management system (BMS), which ensures its high performance and reliability.

BMS Protection

The automotive grade BMS protects the battery against over-current, over-temperature, over-charge, over-discharge, etc. It also extends the battery lifespan with the cell balancing technology and smart deep sleep strategy.



Small Size, Large Capacity

Composed of 312 units of internationally recognized and well-performed lithium cells, the NAVY battery is able to provide up to 3042wh of energy. Plus its delicate interior structural design, this battery is much lighter compared with traditional lead acid batteries.


Aluminum Plate

 With excellent thermal conductivity, it transfers heat to body shell efficiently.

Silicone Pad

Insulated heat transfer.

Honeycomb-structure Design

Ensures the safety distance between each cell.

Flame-retardant Layer

An insulating layer between electricity connection tablet and aluminum plate provides extra insulation protection.



Fine Heat Conduction

The silicone pad and aluminum plate inside every battery module as well as the aluminum alloy body of NAVY Battery transfer heat effectively.


Fully Waterproof

All marine equipments are nothing without effective waterproof, especially batteries. With all connections satisfying IP67, Navy battery is completely waterproof, remaining unaffected in rainy or immersion situations. Rigorous tightness tests have been conducted before every battery getting packed to ensure the waterproofness.


Parallel Strategy

To extend duration, NAVY battery can be paralleled by up to 8 units. This parallel configuration allows these batteries to charge and discharge simultaneously as if they were a single one.



 Battery Type



Dimensions  594 x 209 283 mm


 Nominal Voltage  46.8V
 Rated Capacity  65Ah
 Nominal Energy  3042Wh
 Max Cont Discharging Current  80A
 Charging Voltage  54.6V
 Discharge Cut-off Voltage  39V
 Chargering Temperature  0˚C~40˚C

 Discharging Tenmperature


Cycle Life (to 80% of rated capacity)

 500 cycles

Max Connections


Energy Density (Weight)

Energy Density (Volume)  90Wh/L
Cell Connection  13S24P


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