H-100 electric motors for commercial boats

The H100 electric motor is designed for large boats

The ePropulsion H100 electric motor is designed for large motor boats and sailing yachts. Its 100 kW motor will power a wide range of commercial and leisure vessels up to 200 tons. Ideal boat length overall is between 18 to 30 metres (60’ to 100’) length overall.  

Why install the H100 electric motor?

The H-100 electric motor is clean and much kinder to the environment. It delivers less noise and absolutely no exhaust fumes or fuel spills into the ocean.

Created with innovative permanent magnet technology the H100 provides new options for naval architects and boat owners. Its modular design means the range traveled can be extended, with many installation and long-term benefits.

For each boat project the batteries and control systems can be customised for specific requirements. As a result, it is a highly suitable electric motor solution for OEMs, boat builders and architects working on larger boats.

epropulsion H100 electric motor for large yachts

Key benefits of the H100 electric motor

Modular design

The modular system design offers a complete solution for a wide selection of boats of different sizes, weights and design.  The power and range required for each boat can be increased by adding motors, batteries and controllers.

Space saving

Measuring just 443 x 315mm, the H100’s compact size is about half the size of an equivalent diesel engine. This frees up more space for additional motors. Alternatively, there’s extra capacity for more storage, passengers or living areas.


Weighing just 190kg in comparison it’s about about two thirds lighter than a diesel engine of similar capacity. Due to its smaller size and weight, payload is reduced and there’s more flexibility for installation purposes.

This is achieved using ePropulsion’s flat wire cable design to increase the slot fill rate by 25%, which in turn enhances the power density.

Permanent magnet motor technology

This pioneering technology achieves 2000Nm maximum torque. Additionally, the relatively small electric motor can deliver an impressive 96% efficiency rate. Significantly, this is much higher than a typical 100 kW AC (asynchronous) motor.  

The permanent magnet motor also has considerably lower engine noise and vibrations. So creating a much nicer on board boating experience for your crew or passengers.

H100 electric motor for commercial workboats

Suitable for a wide range of boats

Designed for larger leisure craft and commercial vessels (60-100m) the H100 is suitable for a wide range of boats including:

  • Large sailing yachts & catamarans
  • Motor yachts & powerboats
  • Commercial workboats
  • Passenger ferries & trip boats
  • Inland leisure cruisers & canal boats

The drive system can be straight to the propellor, a stern drive, a sail drive or an Azimuth thruster.

Durable & reliable

The H100 is designed for no maintenance and for a long life in demanding marine conditions. The advantages of no maintenance means less interruption to sailing schedules,  low costs from reduced servicing and better use of crew time. Other durability benefits include:

  • Proof rating IP67
  • Anti-corrosion protection from salt
  • High torque density
  • Closed loop cooling
  • High accuracy position feedback


Intelligent operating system

The entire system can be customised using the boating Internet of Things (IoT). This can include the option for remote monitoring and integrated management of the H100 motor system. 

Functions that can be developed can include:

  • Speed & power
  • Heading, track & mileage
  • Safety alarm system
  • Realtime tracking
  • Docking mode

H100 batteries & power supply

ePropulsion can custom build the batteries to the power and range requirements for your specific boat building project. For 1 hour at full power, the H100 kW motor needs a 100 kWh battery. This will be developed to the provided specs.

Battery specs*

System rated output voltage540 VDCDischarge temperature-30℃ ~ 60℃
System output voltage rage487-604 VDC25℃ Cycle Life (80% DOD)>3500 times
Battery capacity **25℃ storage life>8 years
Battery capacity **Charging temperature0℃ ~ 60℃

* Battery specifications based on a 100 kW electric inboard motor operating at full power for 1 hour. Real time performance parameters may vary, depending on battery capacity.
** Battery capacity and total system energy can be customised for specific boats and projects to suit range & performance requirements.

H100 System diagram

h-100 boat electric motor system diagram

H100 controller

The H100 can be paired with the ePropulsion HC-160-54 controller. This means there is no need to add a converter. You can use the 12v DC power output directly from the high battery.

Logic Power Supply Range9~16 V / 18~32 V
Rated Input Voltage540 VDC
Input Voltage Range400 ~ 720 VDC
Rated Power160 kVA
Rated Output Current270 A
Maximum Efficiency99%
IP RatingIP67
H100 electric motor controller
H100 electric motor for motor yachts and power boats
H100 electric motor remote controller & display

H100 remote control & display

The system can be operated with a Single or Dual remote control.

A 4.3” display screen showing power, range and essential data.

Discover more about the H100 electric motor

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