ePropulsion introduce the H-100 electric inboard at the E&H Marine Expo

ePropulsion introduce the H-100 electric inboard at the E&H Marine Expo

The innovative new ePropulsion H-100 electric inboard motor will make its marine trade debut at the Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo in June at the Amsterdam RAI.

The compact, powerful and highly efficient 100kW electric inboard is designed for larger sailing boats and vessels between 60 to 100’ (18-30m) vessels with a displacement of up to 200 tons requiring reliable, environmentally friendly propulsion systems.

The H-100 uses ePropulsion’s pioneering permanent magnet motor technology to deliver up to 2000Nm (Newton metres) at an outstanding 96% efficiency, which is considerably higher than the equivalent 100kW (AC) asynchronous engine.

H-100 electric power for larger boats

H100 electric motor for large boatsSuitable for large sailing yachts, catamarans, smaller passenger ferries and trip boats, commercial workboats and large inland cruisers or barges, the drive system can be straight to propellor, stern drive, sail drive or Azimuth thruster.

It’s lightweight and notably compact size is achieved using an inventive flat cable design. This increases the slot fill rate by 25% and improves power density too, compared to similar motors, resulting in the H-100 weighing just 190kg and measuring 443 x 315 mm. Approximately two thirds lighter and half the size of a traditional 100k AC engine, means it reduces payload, frees up more passenger space and is far more flexible for installation purposes.

Designed for a modular set up, ePropulsion can offer boat builders, naval architects and installers the complete solution of motor and batteries to provide the performance and range requirements a wide variety of size, weight and shaped vessels. Additional motors, controllers and batteries can be installed to extend the range and power as well as increased flexibility for passage planning and voyages.

Like all ePropulsion motors, the H-100 provides an intuitive driver experience, is highly reliable and requires no maintenance or servicing.  Performance, reliability and safety is great enhanced by incorporating magnet reluctance into the motor design which reduces the counter electric potential.

Designed to combat the most demanding working conditions, the H-100 features include IP67 waterproofing, anti-corrosion (acid salt spray for 400 hours), high accuracy position feedback, high torque density and closed-loop cooling. These ensure prolonged equipment life as well as eliminating the need for a maintenance schedule.

Ground breaking permanent magnet motor

ePropulsion’s ground breaking permanent magnet motor means that any onboard noise and vibration is greatly reduced, providing passengers a quiet and comfortable boating experience.

The intelligent operating system allows for remote control options. A Docking mode allows the throttle to be programmed to allow full throttle movement with reduced power input for enhanced low speed control.  A Syn mode is available for twin motor setups to match power input to both motors.

Paired with ePropulsion HC-160-54 controller, you can conveniently use the 12v DC power output directly, from the high voltage battery, rather than needing to add a converter.