Clean efficient boating

Electric outboard engines – make the switch to cleaner boating


Make the switch to one of ePropulsion’s electric outboard engines. By doing so you will join the growing band of boaters who care for ocean health. Once you have switched you will never look back!

Our range of electric outboards are proving to be the most reliable and efficient alternative to petrol outboard engines. It’s the future of boating – so discover more below.

Being using lithium batteries it means they have more power and range than you would achieve with an equivalent tank of fuel. Furthermore, our motors quiet, clean and far kinder to wildlife and the environment.

Rechargeable from solar panels, USB 12 volt power, the EVO models now come with hydro-generation. So you can recharge your battery whilst under sail. 

ePropulsion’s innovative electric outboards are highly versatile. They can be used across a wide range of powerboats, sail boats, tenders and dayboats.

See how they compare in this Motorboat and Yachting magazine test. The review contrasts the best electric outboards with current leading petrol engines.

Discover the joys of electric powered boating

Spirit 1.0 Plus electric outboard motor

Lightweight + integrated battery

Navy Evo electric outboard engine

Go further for longer with separate E Series batteries

Spirit 1.0 Evo – generates power under sail

With remote control & hydrogeneration

Epropulsion lithium batteries

Bespoke range of batteries for the marine environment

“Everytime we go out on our classic boat, someone stops by to talk to us about our ePropulsion electric outboard. It gets so much interest. And inevitably they all going away wanting to buy one.

We love our Spirit 1.0 Spirit Plus and we will never go back to our mucky 2HP outboard. And it’s fantastic not having to carry petrol on board our beautiful wooden yacht!”

Mark Rushall, British Sailing Team Strategist & Coach