Electric propulsion for workboats

Electric motors for commercial boats

ePropulsion’s smart electric inboard motors are precision engineered with the power and range suitable for commercial marine applications. Operators of workboats, fishing boats, pilot vessels, passenger ferries and tourist boats now have a viable electric propulsion solution. With long term environmental benefits and cost savings from reduced maintenance, out-of-service times and significantly lower fuel bills.

This innovative range of electric motors for commercial boats are specifically designed to be modular. Each propulsion system can be scaled to fit the specific requirements for each specific type of boat and its workload.

Compact and light compared to the equivalent diesel engine, these motors are fully integrated, with few moving parts or cables and are very low maintenance.


Environmentally friendly electric propulsion for workboats

Electric propulsion for large work boats, fishing vessels, and passenger vessels is now a reality. Discover the H100 electric motor for commercial boats up to 200 tons or 100’ length.

For medium sized workboats, harbour management, survey boats and safety craft. Discover the I-Series range of electric inboard motors that powers vessels up to 24m or 25 tons.

ePropulsion’s Boating IoT enables operators to monitor their fleet and boat performance data from anywhere in the world. It is integrated into all our inboard electric motors.  

Advantages of installing electric propulsion on commercial vessels

There are many good reasons that electric motors for commercial workboats make good commercial sense as well as improving your business’s environmental footprint.

  • Cleaner oceans – no hydrocarbons or oil in the oceans
  • Reduced carbon emissions – cleaner boats, docks and operating areas
  • Significantly reduced operating costs – low maintenance, lower energy costs
  • Noise reduction – near silent operation
  • Enhanced passenger experience – quiet, more comfortable, hear nature not engine noise
  • No need for fuel storage / hazardous materials protection

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