Safe and powerful batteries for the marine environment

Marine electric batteries – safe, powerful & waterproof

The ePropulsion range of marine electric batteries are designed for high performance and the harsh marine environment. These lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) electric outboard batteries and eSeries batteries offer cleaner power and are incredibly energy efficient.

The ePropulsion battery range goes from 1 kWh to 144 kWh output (when used in parallel) to complement ePropulsion’s industry leading electric motors. All ePropulsion batteries can be charged at the same time as discharging power, with solar or hybrid generated power.

NEW E-Series 60 and 163 LiFePO4 batteries

ePropulsion E Series batteries – E40, 80 & 175

ePropulsion E-Series batteries E40, E80, E176

Durable lithium batteries for electric boating

The new E60 and E163 are designed for safe, reliable, high performance boating.

A single E60 battery can support the Navy 3.0 Evo outboard full power output. And, the E163 will support the Navy 6.0 Evo (9.9HP equivalent) full power. With a three times higher energy density these batteries weigh 70% less than lead-acid batteries of equivalent capacity.

Real time battery monitoring displays SOC, voltage, current and range information so you can easily see the battery’s status.

The batteries are simple to operate and install by hand – no tools required. They are fully waterproof rated to IP67 with a long life cycle. For recharging the batteries have 1C Rate Fast Charging.

E Series batteries

The high performance E Series batteries will power any ePropulsion outboard or POD motor, as well as other brands of 48V systems for marine propulsion, domestic or solar systems. All ePropulsion batteries are recyclable.

The batteries are designed for a long lifespan. Even when used daily over many years, you can expect a life of 3000 cycles to 80% of the original capacity.

The built in Battery Management System means that the cells will only discharge to a maximum safe level to protect and extend the battery life. When not in use, the batteries will ‘hibernate’ and discharge themselves, so there is no need for any manual discharging.  Up to 16 eSeries batteries of the same model can be connected in parallel to an ePropulsion motor and additional rechargers are available.

Maintenance free

Plug, play and charge


80% less weight than acid or agm battery


Waterproof and shockproof

Space saving

75% less volume than acid or agm battery


Inherently safe chemistry. BMS protection


Recycling and redistribution is easy

Why should you choose Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries?

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Download Drawings

epropulsion E40 2048wh battery electric outboard
E40 – E Series battery 2kWh
epropulsion E80 4069 wh battery
E80 – E Series battery 4kWh
E-Series 60 lithium iron battery
E175 – E Series battery 9kWh
E-Series 163 lithium iron battery

Connect in parallel and use with your electric outboard too

All ePropulsion electric marine batteries are designed for maximum efficiency, performance and safety.

The lithium E Series batteries are compact and energy dense and weigh 75% less than the equivalent lead acid battery. They are designed to achieve the most efficient unit price on the market, as low as $0.46 per WattHour.

Multiple E Series batteries of the same size can be connected in parallel, to increase power output. Each model has a different battery management system and cell configuration, hence only the same model can be connected in parallel.

The Spirit 1.0 Plus and 1.0 Evo electric outboard motors can be connected to the E Series batteries for longer range use, instead of using the integrated electric outboard battery.

It is possible to use a 3rd party lead acid battery with the ePropulsion range, although the ePropulsion motor will not be able to access real time battery status.

Comparison of E Series with AGM battery

The charts show a run time of an ePropulsion Navy 3.0 outboard at full throttle.

E 80 battery

ePropulsion electric motor battery E80 E Series
Run time at full throttle
81 minutes
4.8 kg
Cost per Wh
Retail RRP

4 x 12 volt 130 AH AGM batteries

Run time at full throttle
58 minutes
150 kg
Cost per usable Wh

Live test of ePropulsion E Series battery

Testing was done in a 26ft sailing yacht with a displacement of approximately 2 tons.

Set up with an ePropulsion 3kW motor and one E-175 series battery with a capacity of 9kWh.

750 W 4 knots
48 NM (nautical miles)
1000 W 4.5 knots
41 NM
1500 W 5 knots
30 NM
3000 W 6 knots
18 NM
Swallow yacht using ePropulsion electric motor