Electric inboards

Reliable electric motors for shaft drives

I-Series electric inboard motors – clean, efficient, quiet

The ePropulsion I-Series electric inboard motors offer a range of power inputs and can be easily connected to a shaft drive propeller. These smart intelligent inboards include ePropulsion’s ADAS (Advance Drive Assistance System) that enhances safety and intuitive driving. In addition, a proprietary integrated Connectivity Service and Boating IoT enables owners to remotely access onboard data from anywhere.

Surprisingly compact, these cutting-edge inboard motors offer clean, efficient and quiet boating. Designed with OEMs and boat builders in mind, they are easy to install and to convert existing yachts to electric propulsion. Ideal for leisure marine and commercial workboats the I-Series motors are suitable for:

  • small to medium size boats
  • sailing yachts
  • catamarans
  • leisure power boats
  • workboats, water buses & ferry boats 

What’s more, with built in hydrogeneration, when fitted on sailing boats the motors can recharge whilst under sail. The I-Series electric inboard motors are available in three models, the I-10, I-20 and I-40, with a power input of 10kW, 20kW and 40kW respectively. The I-Series motors are designed to work with the ePropulsion G102-100 batteries.

ePropulsion I-10 Inboard electric motor I-Series clean boating

I-10 – 10kW electric inboard

ePropulsion I-20 electric inboard motor I-Series greener boating for larger yachts

I-20 – 20kW electric inboard

ePropulsion I-40 inboard electric motor I-Series eco friendly boat propulsion

I-40 – 40kW electric inboard

Weight saving

Designed to save weight, which in turn reduces power requirements, the I-Series are 65% lighter weight than a typical combustion engine. And are considerably lighter than equivalent electric motors of similar range/input power.

Space saving

The small compact size of each unit takes up 60% less space than a traditional diesel engine. This reduces the area needed for engine compartments and frees space on board for builders to use for other purposes.

Easy to install

Likewise, designed as ‘plug and play’ units, the I-Series motors are easy to install and connect to an existing shaft drive. All the internal wiring is connected prior to delivery, reducing installation time and project complexity for boat builders.

I-Series inboard electric motor compact & space saving

Compact & integrated

Each I-Series inboard motor is supplied as a complete system. Designed as a compact unit that integrates the motor, gearbox, motor controller, system control unit and cooling system into a small space.

ePropulsion I-Series electric inboard compact & space savingmotors

Easy to operate

The integrated HMI (human machine interface) throttle and display panel create an excellent, intuitive driver experience. The intelligent system that can actively recognize the driver’s operating intentions.

G102-100 Battery

ePropulsion’s G102-100 lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePo4) is fully compatible and powers the 96V 10kW to 40kW ePropulsion motors. With high energy density, and a long life cycle it has an intelligent battery management system.

I-Series electric inboard motors built on eSSA

Underpined by the proprietary ePropulsion Smart System Architecture (eSSA) the I-Series design is smart and modular, delivering a safe and reliable performance.

It supports the integration of the ePropulsion Connectivity Service and the Advance Drive Assistance System (ADAS) which improves safety and enhances the driving experience.

Boating IoT (Internet of Things)

Using cloud based data and smart features, the built-in Connectivity Service enables owners to monitor their boat or fleet – anytime, anywhere.

Boat managers can:

  • automatically generate sailing logs
  • access essential data
  • receive updates in the event of any abnormalities.

Performance data such as battery power, voyage data, geo-location and speed monitoring can be readily accessed via a mobile screen.

I-Series accessories

The I-Series is a modular design, which enable electrification systems to be customised and offer complete bespoke solutions too. The modules include the batteries, propeller, air-cooling, HVAC system, shaft and coupling as well as chargers.

Additional batteries can be added to achieve different range requirements and the system can integrate with NMEA 2000 communications.

I-Series electric inboard motors come with:

  • Smart Display 5” colour touch display screen
  • a highly precise Smart Throttle
  • high level corrosion protection
  • waterproof rated IP67
  • CD and FCC certification
  • RoHS compliance

Technical Specifications – I-Series electric inboard motors

Input power10 kW20 kW40 kW
Input voltage86~115 VDC86~115 VDC86~115 VDC
Weight43 kg45 kg75 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)565 x 295 x 380 mm580 x 330 x 380 mm860 x 485 x 420 mm
Cooling methodAir coolingWater cooling (air cooling optional)Water cooling (air cooling optional)
Rated rotational speed1500 rpm 1500 rpm 1500 rpm
Operation & interactionThrottle & display (standard)Throttle & display (standard)Throttle & display (standard)
Connectivity serviceSupportSupportSupport

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