Epropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus


The Spirit 1.0 Plus is perfect option for tenders, small yachts and daysailers up to 1.5 tons

Shaft length options (tech drawing here)

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Spirit Plus has industry leading performance and reliability.


1276 Wh from the 24 Lithium cells


Battery 8.7kg  – Motor 10.6kg

Safe and worry free 


Robust design built to last

The motor was run continuously for 2000 hours. It passed with flying colours, and could have run many thousands more

No servicing, No winterising

Less moving parts, more efficient



The Spirit can charge from solar panels or a 12v auxiliary output


No oil, No petrol, No worries


No Carbon Dioxide, No Carbon Monoxide, No Sulphur Dioxide


Whisper quiet, peaceful and considerate


Petrol outboards in the 2.5 HP to 5 HP range, have a run time of less than 45 min at wide open throttle. The Spirit 1.0 Plus offers 75 minutes. 

Range in a 3m tender

Spirit 1.0 Plus has a 1276Wh integrated battery. At full throttle 1000 Watts, you get 6.2 mph for 75 minutes. The range is 7.75 miles. If you reduce your throttle to 25%, which is 250 Watts, you will get 4.4 mph for 5 hours. The range is 22 miles.


Range at 4.4 mph
22 miles
Range at 6.2mph
7.75 miles

Range in a 21ft Sailing boat

Range at 5.5mph
6.5 miles
Range at 4.5 mph
9 miles
Range at 3.5 mph
11 miles

Test conditions
Wind: F3 
Tide flow: 1.4 knots
Location: Hamble River
Distance: 5.15 miles
Time: 1 hour 22 minutes
Battery amount used: 39%

Comparison to combustion outboard

spirit plus

Energy stored
1 . 27 kwh
energy efficiency
power at propeller
550 w
Runtime full throttle
75 minutes

3.5 hp outboard

Energy stored
9 . 7 kwh
energy efficiency
power at propeller
570 w
Runtime full throttle
42 minutes

The chart above shows the propulsive power and the efficiency of our electric outboard compared to a combustion outboard. You can see the electric motor produces a very similar propulsive figure to the combustion motor but uses the energy in a much more effective manner.


Drive mode


Cooling system


Half speed runtime

Trolling speed runtime

Reverse gear

Runtime display

Helm steering





Maintenance free

Natural cooling


5 Hours

13 Hours



Every 50 hours

Seawater cooling

Pull start

2.5 Hours

5 Hours


 1. Power connector
robust connector made of high quality stainless steel

2. Safety latch
Locks the battery securely in place

3. Foldable tiller
Easy, compact stowage

4. Magnetic kill switch
Instantly stops the motor in emergencies

5. Highly efficient motor
Industry leading performance, reliability and silence

6. 3 Shaft lengths
Giving you the perfect option for your boat

7 .User-friendly battery handle
Easily carry the battery with little effort

Need help? Our team are here to help


T. +44(0)2380 988 782
E. [email protected]


Download tech drawing from here

2 years, basic motor
2 years, battery
(Non-commercial use only)

Input Power
Motor Weight
Battery Weight
Battery Capacity
Tiller and Remote
Shaft Length
Extra Short (for tenders) Short and Long

Kill stop switch
IP67 ingress protection
Propeller collision emergency stop
Reinforced transom mounting
Low battery indicator
Over temperature protection

Lithium-ion polymer battery
44..8 V nominal voltage
51.2 V final charging voltage
33 V cut-off voltage
0°C – 45°C / 32˚ F – 113˚ F charging temperature -10°C – 60°C / 14˚ F – 140˚ F operating temperature
Over 80% capacity after 800 cycles of 100% DOD
3 hr charging time (Fast charger)
7 hr charging time (Standard charger)
Battery management system
Floating design

Foldable tiller design
Integrated display
Solar panel compatible, max 180 W
Protective beach mode          Tiller or remote options

Rated RPM 1,200
316 N / 71 lbs static thrust
55% overall efficiency
Natural cooling
Direct drive
Field-oriented motor control
Trim angles including 0°, 7°, 14°, 21°
Tilt angle 75°
28 × 14.7 cm / 11 × 5.8 inches propeller

Step less forward/reverse

360° tiller steering, direction lockable

Additional information


Extra Short (perfect for tenders), Short, Long, Remote Short, Remote Long


  1. rick

    Having used the outboard over a couple of weeks and clocked up about 10 hours running in varying conditions from flat calm to heavy Atlantic swell, I am very pleased with it.
    As anticipated, I had to alter the outboard well on my Drascombe Scaffie to provide more clearance but it was well worth the effort and the extra short shaft length is absolutely spot on.
    Part of the delight is creeping up silently on wild life at “tick-over” rather than scaring them off with a noisy motor and my daughter has likened the whole process to ” sailing without the sails up ” [ how’s that for an advertising slogan ?].
    Life is altogether much more serene…….
    Thank you for your support and feel free to convey this along the line.
    Kind regards,

  2. RD Rainham

    I have been playing with the eprop all weekend and am a little bit in love.

    Here are some observations:

    – it’s definitely faster than the torqeedo (at least the 1003 I had). We get an extra half knot at half power and a whole extra knot at full power. This may be to do with it being more effective for heavier loads, Amélie weighs around 700kg. No longer am I holding up faster boats that are behind me when I leave the lock. We can get under way at a very respectable 4.2knots (where the torqeedo topped out at 3.6).

    – it’s more responsive than the torqeedo. I don’t know if this is because of the gearbox thing, but the power is seemingly instant, which if you’re dodging a racing dinghy that’s been blown off course (as we can be) is a real bonus.

    – I won’t go on about the noise differences as you know all about that, but for us we found it on occasion virtually silent. There were a couple of instances when we were sailing upwind and didn’t even realise it was still going !! Wondered how we hit 6knots (which is rare on Amélie).

    – battery is good! On a 7nm trip both days we used half the battery. This was a combination of motoring, sailing & motor-sailing. At least half the time it was running.

    – it punches the tide !! The torqeedo simply couldn’t manage this. At full power we’d get 1.5 knots in light airs but if we were heading to windward in any breeze that fell virtually to zero. Eprop not only punched 1.5 knot tide at a respectable 1.8knots at half power, that was into a 10 knot breeze.

    – it’a more manoeuvrable! I think the responsiveness really assists this, but coming in and out of my berth is far easier with it because you aren’t having to second guess when the power will arrive. 90watts in reverse will see us beautiful ease backwards out of the berth like a dream.

    – the battery may be heavier but the bag is better! Because it’a a backpack it’s far easier to carry despite the extra weight. Seems a better quality too.

    So in summary I’m pretty pleased and glad I went for it.
    RD, Rainham, July 2018

  3. rick

    Hi Rick,

    Just thought I’d drop you a note to let you know how pleased we have been with the Epropulsion Spirit outboard you sold to us at the Beale Park Boat Show. It has been a fanstastic change for us to have the calm and quietness of the electric engine on the River Thames over the summer. The performance has been pretty good, we can get the boat (a Drascombe Lugger) just about up to hull speed but at 3kn or so (the max speed on the ariver is 4kn) we comfortably get between 4 & 5 hours powere although to be honest we mostly only go out for between 3-4 and that probably includes a lunch or sundown drinks anchor up/bank tie up or a swimming dip so we have not really tested the engine to ‘Max’.

    Apart from the quietness, The simplicity of the engine in terms of starting, re-starting, gear changing has given Erica much more confidence to take the boat out on her own (she never quite mastered the petrol outboard) or with her own friends . The other real advantage is that once we take the battery off the leg is so light we always take it off the transom and stow below – there are many instances of outboards being stolen on the River (and we had a 5hp Tohatsu stolen off our Drsacombe Coaster when it was at Bucklers Hard) – so it has given us some significant extra piece of mind.

    Hope you are all well, the engine has generated a lot of interest from other River users who all can’t quite believe how quiet it is. I hope your sales may have reflected some if this interest.


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